This business was started in April 1993 and named “Rooster Lips” from my CB handle, having driven trucks most of my adult life, I acquired the CB handle and it just stuck. Besides, it was a name no one was going to forget after they heard it. So we named the business “Rooster Lips Company, Inc.”. It started out from my desire to open a business no one else wanted to do, but was needed, and boy was I right. Trouble with sewers is never a good thing. We could work 24/7 if we wanted, but decided family was more important. Our business hours have remained the same Monday though Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Nothing stops the need for working toilets, not even a crisis. When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding area, electricity was out over most of the southeast region of the state. People couldn’t even get gas for their automobiles and they were contacting us by ‘word of mouth’ that their sewer lines were stopped up and tanks needed to be pumped out. This is truly an ever needed service.

Rooster Lips History